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Why Ubud
is special

The town of Ubud in Bali is the undeniable artistic heart and soul of Bali's art. It rests among lush hills and rice terraces.

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Unlike Kuta

The vacation lifestyle is markedly different from Kuta's, Bali's other major tourist magnet. Ubud is more cultural, less hedonistic.

Life proceeds at a slow pace, even for visitors, which is part of the charm. The locals are open and friendly - and you encounter few pushy vendors.

Length of stay

Day trippers from the southern beach resorts miss out on the special sense of place. You need to stay in the area for at least several days. It's an insightful, unforgettable experience.

Key attractions
& activities in and
around Ubud


Traditional dance
and gamelan
orchestra performances

There's a quality performance practically every night. Click dance & music for brief descriptions.

Art shops, galleries,
and studios

You find many here and in nearby villages, including in the neighboring village of Penestanam (renowned for its refreshing Young Artist School style of painting).


The area has world-class museums. Namely, the Neka, Puri Lukisan and Agong Rai. Click runners-up for brief descriptions of those institutions.

Ubud Palace

Small, walled complex of embellished buildings and courtyards smack in the middle of town.


Good variety to suit different tastes and wallets. Nearly all have a relaxed, unpretentious tone.


One of Bali's best areas for short walks on scenic foot paths.

Whitewater rafting

Run the rapids down the eye-arresting Agung River gorge. Easy but challenging enough to thrill novice river rafters. Basic swimming proficiency recommended in case the rapids get the better of your rubber raft.

Doing nothing

Some visitors unwind by renting a cottage or villa with a picturesque rural view -- and hole up with a good book or companion.

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