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I learned these travel tips and insights on my trips to Bali. They are worth knowing before you leave on your Bali trip.

When to come

Bali has five tourist seasons. The best one for you depends on variables such as time, money, weather, and availability.

Pre-prime season

From April to May. Rooms in Bali are easily found and prices, crowds and the weather are moderate.

Prime season

Spans May through September. Sunny days rule -- it seldom rains. However, prices and crowding soar, and airline seats and hotel rooms in Bali are heavily booked, particularly in August.

Post-prime season

From September to mid December. Variables similar to the pre-prime season (see).

Holiday season

Spans mid-December to early-January when visitors come for their Christmas and New Year's vacations. Like the prime season, prices and crowds rise -- and airline seats and hotel space become scarce. The biggest difference is more rain.

Rainy season

This category spans from early-January to April (though the actual rainy season starts in December). Everything comes down -- prices, crowds, room scarcity and, of course, the rain. That's not as bad as it seems because the rainfall is the refreshing warm tropical variety (not the cold damp type temperate zone residents experience). Moreover, there will always be plenty of sun during the rainy season.

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