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Cab fares in Bali are very low if you're charged the metered rate. As you step into a taxi, specify to the driver that you want the meter to run. If he says his meter is broken, get out because it's likely a ruse. Once the cab gets rolling, be sure the meter is running. Otherwise, you risk being charged an exorbitant fare.

Color coded

Cab fleets in Bali are color coded. The white taxis branded "Bali Taxi Company" are one of the trustworthy fleets.

Rent a car versus
car with driver

Helpful pointers:

Rent a car

While it makes sense to rent a car in most places, it usually doesn't in Bali. For the same amount you would pay to rent a small car (about $50), you can hire a comfortable automobile that comes with a capable driver plus a knowledgeable guide.


Remember, in Bali, cars drive on the left, roads are very narrow, oncoming traffic passes you with inches to spare, vehicles dart out from side streets without warning, some vehicles don't use lights at night, and it's easy for strangers to get lost.

Moreover, should you have an accident, you won't be able to leave the country until damages are settled -- even if the accident is the other guy's fault. So sit back, leave the driving to your chauffeur and enjoy the passing Bali scenery.

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