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The intense overhead equatorial light can turn great shots into poor ones. For vividly color photos of scenes such as temples and rice paddies, click them in the early morning or late afternoon.


Respect Balinese customs, rituals and sensibilities (remember, you are a guest on their island). This means, for example:


Don't take a picture of anyone without first obtaining permission.

Don't enter a temple unless you're completely covered knees to shoulders.

Ditto if you're menstruating

Don't touch anyone's head or point at someone.

Don't expose the sole of your shoe by, for instance, crossing your legs as you sit.

Don't give or receive an object with your left hand.

Before you come

The U.S. State Department issues travel warnings on various countries. Go to its website ( then click its "travel warnings" link.


Be sure to confirm your reservations in Bali 72 hours before departure time. Otherwise, with some airlines, you could be bumped off the confirmed reservation list. Always call the airline before heading to the airport. Cancellations of flights to other islands is not a rarity.

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