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Bali's superb surfing draws enthusiasts from around the globe. The premier surfing spot for skilled practitioners is Ulu Watu (situated at the southern tip of the island). Accomplished surfers also praise the nearby Padang Padang surf - and the surf at Canggu (between Kuta and Tanah Lot).

The surfing at Kuta Reef (which lies out to sea from Kuta Beach) also receives accolades. However, the ocean waves can become overpopulated with surfers due to its proximity to the bustling tourist town of Kuta.

June, July and August are the ideal months for surfing the above spots.

Snorkeling and diving

May to September is the best period for snorkeling and diving.

Bali is ringed by many clear-water reefs rich in live coral, colorful tropical fish and other marine life. At one site - Tulamben - you can explore a sunken World War II ship.

Snorkelers and divers can relish two of Bali's small off-shore islands named Menjangan and Lembongan. The first is Bali's best overall site. The second makes an interesting day trip from Bali's tourist centers.

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