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Why the
temples and ceremonies
of Bali are special

Bali is nicknamed The Island of the Gods because it has over 10,000 temples dedicated to an array of spirits. Each year the Balinese hold countless temple ceremonies and make frequent offerings to please the good spirits and appease the evil ones. The fascinating upbeat aura of these ceremonies is unsurpassed anywhere in the world.

Bali temples

The four best
and most popular temples

Each is a Hillman Wonders Bronze Medal winner.


Tanah Lot

Famous for its tiny, quaint island setting (reachable during low tide). Bursts with tourists during its vaunted sunset.


Bali's largest and holiest temple is Pura Besakih (see photo). It's popularly known as the "Mother Temple".

Ulu Watu

Dramatically perched on high promontory overlooking the breaking surf.

Ulu Danu

Photogenic. On Lake Bratan


Religion runs
deep in Bali

About 95% of the Balinese practice Hindu-Dharmaism, a local variant of India's Hinduism. The faithful interweave their religion into their daily lives.


To the Balinese, every living thing -- from a lowly weed to a human being -- has a spirit.

And the Balinese believe that there are both good and evil spirits -- and that this eternal duality exists in balance.

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