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Why the
Bali beaches
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Bali has many long, palm-fringed, white-sand beaches kissed by clear, warm tropical waters. There are beaches for every taste. Some are packed with sunbathers and lined with convenient shops, eateries, bars and other tourist facilities. Others are populated with big-wave-seeking surfers. Still others are serenely off-the-beaten path and shared by few people.

Bali's best
known beaches

West Coast

They face the warm Indian Ocean waters - and are admiringly oriented for sunset watching.


Jimbaran Beach

Lovely location. Favorite of sunbathers seeking a long, quiet, scenic tropical beach. Never a blanket of people, even during peak season. Luxury resort hotels fronting the beach are discreetly semi-hidden from view.

Kuta Beach

Deservingly praised for its length and white sands, though the beach in front of Kuta's main tourist facilities can become packed.

Legian Beach

Adjacent and similar to Kuta Beach, though not quite as busy and commercialized.

East Coast

These lie along the body of water between Bali and Lombok Island.


Nusa Dua Beach

Populated with many international-style five-star resort hotels. Can occasionally become moderately crowded.

Sanur Beach

Once Bali's most popular beach. Still pleasant, though waves in recent decades have eroded some sand.

Candi Dasa Beach

Half as busy and developed as Sanur and Nusa Dua's beaches, but has in recent decades suffered even more sand erosion than Sanur Beach.

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