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Bali's best known beaches

North Coast

Lovina is the most touristed destination on Bali's north coast. It is known for its "black sand" beaches ("gray" would be more accurate).



The Lovina area is less developed and commercialized than tourism centers like Kuta.


The beaches are hardly tropical paradises. They experience the sometimes hot and humid tropical Bali Sea climate.


"Lovina" is a collective name for a string of seaside villages.

Bali advice

In the sun

Use a high-rated sun block. Harmful solar rays are filtered less effectively by the earth's atmosphere near the equator than in the temperate zones.


Do it wisely. Many Bali beaches are afflicted with dangerous riptides and undercurrents. Drownings are not uncommon. This is particularly so for some of the west coast beaches (including Kuta).

Unless you're a strong swimmer, enjoy Bali's attractive beaches for sunbathing, strolling, and shallow-water wading. Do your swimming in a pool. If there is none where you're staying, make inquiries at big resort hotels. Some let visitors use their fancy pool facilities for a daily fee (or, in some instances, for free).

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