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How long to stay

Don't underestimate the number of days you'll need. I've asked many a traveler who has been to Bali, "What was your biggest misgiving about your Bali vacation."  Most responded that they wished they had added more days to their Bali trips.

At the very least, you need 7 to 10 days. A month would be even better. Bali has many interesting attractions.


It's a fun sport worth learning because it will save you money in Bali. All it takes is a little practice to gain your confidence.

Many sellers automatically inflate their prices beforehand in the expectation that you will bargain them down. If you don't, you're going to grossly overpay -- and often earn their disrespect for being naive.

If something doesn't have a price tag, the cost is likely negotiable. If it is marked, you have to trust your instinct whether to negotiate or not. Obviously, most merchants such as quality pharmacies, upmarket hotel stores and major department stores seldom if ever negotiate. But you may be surprised at the number of upscale sellers that do (including exclusive art studios and galleries).

Here's how to negotiate

First, establish in your mind what you're truly willing to pay (your ultimate max). Next, ask the seller, "What's your very, very lowest price?" Offer considerably less than what he quotes you (don't be shy about offering 50% of his opening figure). Then -- after a series of friendly back-and-forthcounter offers -- you and the vendor reach a mutually fair and acceptable figure.

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