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Balinese cuisine
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Most visitors sample few if any local meals because authentic Balinese is difficult to find in restaurants. The best way to enjoy the real thing is to be invited to dinner in a Balinese home or to attend a temple ceremony or festivity that serves Balinese fare.

If that's not in your cards, you can sometimes find Balinese meals in small roadside eateries called warungs. Or, for a plusher setting, dine at the tourist-focused Bumbu Bali restaurant (just north of Nusa Dua).

Although the atmospheric Ketupat restaurant ikuta specializes in Indonesia fare, it does offer some Balinese mainstays.

Other main
cuisine in Bali


Preparations originating in Java, Sumatra and other parts of Indonesia are easier to find in the Bali restaurants that cater to tourists. Bargain prices usually prevail. Well-known specialties include:


Satay (or Sate)

Charcoal-grilled meat or prawns on mini-skewers.

Gado Gado

Fresh and parboiled vegetables tossed in a spicy peanut sauce.

Nasi Goreng

A fried rice mixture with finely chopped vegetables and either meat or prawns. For the sibling Mei Goreng dish, noodles are used instead of rice.

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