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Kalimantan has two world-class travel attractions:

Dayak Villages

Tanjung Puting National Park


Traveling to these two isolated Kalimantan destinations is an adventure in itself. You reach them on slow river boats.

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Dayak Villages

Some Dayak groups in Kalimantan were once known for their zealous headhunting (a long-gone practice) and deadly accurate blowguns. Dayak people are now known for their many small river side villages accented with traditional communal longhouses perched high on elevated stilts. Dayak cultural dances and weaving also attract visitors to Kalimantan.

Tanjung Puting National Park

This large governmental nature preserve in Kalimantan has an ecological focus and is a magnet for drawing nature lovers to Kalimantan.


Tanjung Puting is rich in exotic wildlife, including the elusive orangutan primate. And, there's the long-nosed proboscis monkey (see photo) found only on Borneo Island.


This large governmental nature preserve in Kalimantan consists mainly of low-lying mangrove swamps and (farther inland) tropical rain forests.

Kalimantan geography

Although Kalimantan is technically not an island, many Indonesians treat it as one because it comprises the lion's share of a large island (equatorial Borneo).

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