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three volcanoes

It's not one mountain, but 3 ancient volcanoes that collectively form the mountain. Kibu is the highest.

Near the equator

Mount Kilimanjaro sits merely 300 kilometers (200 miles) from the equator, yet has  a 10,000 year old crown of snow-ice.

Melting ice
and snow

Many scientists predict that Mount Kilimanjaro will lose its trademark white cap within two decades due to global warming.

Shared by
two countries

It lies in both Kenya and Tanzania, but most all of it (and all of the summit) resides in the latter country.

Best views
from below

The Kenyan side generally has the best views of Mount Kilimanjaro. Those from Kenya's Amboseli National Park are particularly outstanding.

Photo tip

Photographers take note, the summit is often shrouded in clouds. The early morning hours usually provide the best photo opportunities and produce the most beautiful pictures.

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Photo by Cheia 73 - CC BY-SA 3.0


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