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Group tours

  If you book a group tour on less than a luxury or high-quality one, you risk suffering vehicle mates who uncessantly talk, argue, tell bad jokes, irritatingly laugh, whatever.


  Spending too little is a common safari mistake. Your adventure is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so you could later regret it if you skimp. When planning your adventure, make the most of it.


  During the middle of the day, many mammals take shelter in the bushes and tall grasses. Early morning and late afternoon are the best game-viewing times.  

Vehicle type

  A tour in a minivan may make you feel like a sardine in a can - and your ride will be bumpy and your view, obscured.

Guides and drivers

  People who drive their own vehicles miss out. Much of their attention is focused on driving, not on looking for wildlife.

Heath and safety

  Some visitors forget to pack eye drops. Carry them, particularly if you wear contact lenses. Air carries fine-particle dust.

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