What a luxury
safari is like

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Top 5 reasons
luxury safaris
are special

They cost more than ordinary ones, but they are a better value. You get more for your money, as reasons 1 to 5 below demonstrate.

Better game drives


Choice game areas

Some luxury safaris have exclusive traversing rights to the best locations. This means superior wildlife sightings.


Private game reserves

Some luxury safaris (especially in Kruger) have exclusive traversing rights to the best locations. This means superior wildlife sightings.


Rangers and trackers

They are more carefully selected, better trained, and more eager to find the animals for you.



You seldom see a bevy of vehicles surrounding a lion like a swarm of paparazzi. And seating is usually two, not three abreast.

Better service



The staff-to-guest ratio is high, employees are more professional and hospitable. They pamper you. They remember your name, how you like your martini, and more.

Better accommodations


Comfortable and stylish

Your cottage, tent, whatever will be a haven for relaxing and refreshing after game drives.

Better public spaces


Taking it easy

Everything from the main lodge building to the pool - is a soothing environment.

Better dining


Food quality and presentation

It's several notches higher than found in mid-range lodges. And you have a wider menu selection.

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Why a luxury safari is special
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