American cuisine -
its bad and good

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The bad and good
aspects of American cuisine

Split personalities

American cuisine has both a dull and exciting side:

Dull = Fast foods and overly processed grocery-store foods

Exciting = Regional and ethnic cooking - and steaks

The 3 great aspects
of American cuisine

Regional and ethnic cooking

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Cowboy + Pioneer
Creole & Cajun
Native American
New England
Penn Dutch + Midwest farm
Soul Food
Tex Mex + New York Ethnic


American cuisine is the most innovative major cuisine on our planet. This is not because Americans cooks are naturally more creative than their counterparts abroad. They're not. A prime reason is the nation's cuisine is relatively new. It is not as encumbered by ironbound culinary rules as in, say, the French and Chinese cuisines. The Americans have more freedom to experiment.

This has been particularly true with the regional Southwestern, Californian, and Hawaiian cuisines.

Land of plenty

America has so much land suitable for farming that it could support twice its population.

The arable land that could be used for agriculture is not wasted. Much of it is used by the cattle industry (which requires extensive grazing land). This has allowed meat eating to become a significant factor in American cuisine.

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