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Many exist, from no-frill camping sites to comfortable lodges, satisfying all budgets and preferences. They are fenced in to keep dangerous animals out.


You can drive your car inside Kruger, but be aware you must stay on the tar and gravel roads. Off-road driving is prohibited. So is getting out of your vehicle except in designated safe areas.

Speed limits

It's 50 kph (30 mph) on tar roads, 40 kph (25 mph) on gravel ones - and they are strictly enforced for the sake of the wild animals that dart across the roads.


Kruger is visited by nearly a million people per year. Most are South Africans who drive up with their families for long-weekend getaways. During school-holiday weekends, traffic jams occur on some main park roads.

Organized tours

Complete packages are available. Or, once you are in the park, you can book several-hour game drives. Those drives typically use converted trucks with large-seating capacities (it won't be an intimate experience, but at least they are topless, which enhances your view).

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