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This is one of the world's top five safari destinations. Click links to learn about the Kruger National Park.

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In centuries past, the area was rich in wildlife, then agricultural pursuits nearly denuded it. Today, after a massive restocking program, Phinda is once again a thriving haven for many animals, including the Big 5. Birding is also great here.

Phinda Game Reserve

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Addo elephant

Besides elephants, this national park on the Indian Ocean coast has the other Big 5 members: lions, leopards, cape buffaloes, and rhinos. It even has great white sharks.


This national park also lies along the Indian Ocean. It offers a variety of eco-systems, from forest to coral reef. You will need to use both boats and land vehicles to explore iSimangaliso.


Combine the adjoining former national parks of Gemsbok in South Africa Kalahari Gemsbok in Botswana and you have the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. It's a significant two-country wildlife conservation endeavor.


It's a relatively new national park situated on the Botswana border. All the Big 5 animals now live in Madikwe, thanks to a relocation program. Much of the arid landscape is bush and open grass lands.

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