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Why the
Eisriesenwelt Caves
is special

The Eisriesenwelt Caves are the world's largest ice cave system. The ice stalactites, frozen waterfalls, and grand rooms give visitors a truly unique and memorable experience.

Eisriesenwelt Caves
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The Eisriesenwelt Caves are not carved out of a glacier-like ice mass, as some believe. Rather, they are ordinary mountain caves that are lined with frozen water. That condition occurs when melted snow water seeps into a frigid cave and freezes against its hard-rock surfaces.

Who should not come

I do not recommend visiting Eisriesenwelt Caves if you are not reasonably fit. Consider:

After leaving the ticket booth, you must walk up a semi-steep path (20 minutes) to reach the cable car station.

After exiting the cable car, you walk up another semi-steep path to reach the cave entranceway (20 minutes).

Once inside, you need to climb 135 meters (440 feet) up a combination of dimly lit paths and steps.

When to come

Visitors are allowed in only from the first of May through late October. During that period, it's wise to avoid holidays in the middle of the day when waits for the cable car can stretch to more than an hour.

You can skip the cable car and save a little money by hiking up a steep-grade trail, but that takes 90 minutes and a lot of energy.

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Wear good-grip shoes and layered clothing. Also bring gloves. It can be warm outside but freezing inside.


Bring one because the majority of visitors are not given a lantern. The lighting inside is poor and it's easy to trip and stumble.

Tour length

It lasts 75 minutes and is given in German and English.

Photos and videos

You're not allowed to take them inside.


The German translation of Eisriesenwelt is "World of the Ice Giants".

Nearest big city

The Eisriesenwelt Caves are about one hour by road from Salzburg.

Location in Austria

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Photo by Dale Harvey - CC BY 2.0


Austrian Tourism Board


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