Schonbrunn Palace

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Schonbrunn Palace
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This 1,441-room, former royal summer palace has magnificently decorated interiors, expansive gardens, and more.

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Schonbrunn Palace

Grand (40-room) tour

Among the chambers visited are the lavish, mainly rococo-style rooms of the Empress Maria Theresa (ruled 1740-1780).

You can also take the shorter and less expensive 22-room tour, but you would be missing some key spaces.


They are extensive and incorporate both classical French and English layouts and landscaping styles. The stand-alone Botanical Garden and Palm House are captivating.

Other highlights

They include: Gloriette (graceful pavilion on a hill overlooking the palace, gardens, and Vienna) Orangerie (greenhouse) Tiergarten (zoo), Roman Ruin (artificial) Wagenburg (carriage museum) Schosstheatre (performance hall)

Schonbrunn Palace
tips and insights

Versailles wannabe

Emperor Leopold I (ruled 1658-1740) conceived Schonbrunn Palace a nd desired to have it outshine France's Versailles. His treasury lacked sufficient funds to fulfill his dream.

Mozart and
Marie Antoinette

Maria Theresa heard the six-year-old Mozart play the piano in the Mirror Room. And her daughter, the guillotine-fated Marie Antoinette, was the Queen of France.

Royal end

In 1918, two years after Emperor Franz Joseph's 68-year rule, the royal reign came to an abrupt halt. Schonbrunn Palace became state property.


Schonbrunn translates "beautiful spring" in English.

Location in Austria

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Photo by Iordachescu Nicu - CC BY 2.0


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