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Why the
St Stephen's Cathedral
in Vienna is special

Its interior, roof, and soaring tower are unique and stunning in design and architecture.

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St Stephen's Cathedral

Interior overall

Don't miss the Stone Pulpit (exquisitely carved), the Altars (especially the High and the Wiener Neustadt altars), and the many other precious artworks.

South Tower

It is one of Vienna's most beloved icons. It rises as high as a modern 40-story building, an amazing engineering feat for a virtual-stand-alone 15th-century steeple.


St Stephen's Cathedral's steep-sloped roof is blanketed with colorful multi-hued glazed tiles set in striking geometric patterns.

Other major
St Stephen's Cathedral


North Tower

Though half as high as the South Tower, it, too, offers a stellar panoramic view of Vienna and beyond. Unlike the latter, it has an elevator.


View royal tombs and piles of commoner bones.

Heathen Towers

They are 900 years old.

St Stephen's Cathedral
history in brief

The site's ecclesiastical history dates back to the 12th century when a parish church was built. Through the centuries, the site suffered damage by warfare, fire, and age - and underwent a steady diet of renovations, reconstructions, and repairs. All things considered, St Stephen's Cathedral today is in remarkably good condition.

Location in Austria

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Photo by iz4aks - CC BY 2.0


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