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Why the
Spanish Riding School
in Vienna is special

For 430 years, the Spanish Riding School's famous white Lipizzaner stallions and their skilled riders have performed in graceful precision.

Spanish Riding School
tips and insights

Training period

It normally takes 6 or more years of training before a stallion is ready to perform in a public show. Ditto for the riders.

The public show

It takes place indoors (see photo) and lasts 80 to 100 minutes. The riders and their mounts go through a series of set drills paced by classical music.

The biggest audience pleasers are drills where the horse powerfully yet elegantly leaps through the air. On another popular drill, the horse rears high with his rear knees close to the ground.


The lower-tier boxes (see photo) cost twice as much as the balcony standing-room areas above them, but are well worth the extra money. They provide better vantages. And unlike from the balcony, the horses and riders won't appear foreshortened to the eye.

Training sessions

An alternative to the formal public show is seeing the horses train in the morning. Admission is less expensive, but there's no guarantee you'll see all the elaborate drills.


The school picked up its "Spanish" name because the Lipizzaner (a mixed breed) is descended mainly from a Spanish breed.

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Photo by Sparre - CC BY-SA 2.0


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