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Classical French Cuisine
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Classical French Cuisine (also known as haute cuisine) is the symbol of fine dining in the Western world.

Classical French Cuisine
specialties include ...

Tournedos Rossini

A sauteed beef filet steak served on a circular crouton, then garnished with a foie gras slice, a truffle slice, and, finally, a Madeira sauce. Sauces are generally rich (lots of butter, eggs, cream, etc.) and the presentation of each dish is meant to impress the eye.

Homard a la Parisienne

This Classical French Cuisine is prepared by poaching lobsters, removing the cooked flesh, then stuffing the empty shells with a mayonnaise-dressed vegetable mixture which is topped with lobster meat. The lobsters are artfully arranged on a platter, and elaborately garnished with such items as truffles and artichoke bottoms.

Poularde Derby Chicken

Stuffed with rice, goose liver, and truffles, then roasted and lavishly garnished with more truffles and foie gras.

Selle de Veau a la Prince Orloff

The slices of a roasted saddle of veal are coated with Sauce Soubise, rice, and mushroom puree, and then reassembled on the saddle in their original position. The roast is then covered with Sauce Mornay and browned.

This preparation exemplifies the ridiculous aspect of Classical French Cuisine when taken to excess. The dish was created in the nineteenth century for the veal hating Prince Orloff. To disguise the veal flavor, the delicate meat was literally bathed with two relatively overpowering sauces. If one detests veal, why have it in the first place and if one likes it, why mask its flavor?

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