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Haute cuisine, as it is also known, is one of France's greatest glories. However, Classical French cuisine is not the only significant cuisine of France. Far less than 1 percent of the dishes eaten by the French are prepared according to the dicta of classic French cuisine. These rich and elaborate dishes are usually consumed in expensive gastronomic temples such as Taillevent where the average French person simply cannot afford to dine.

Much of the cooking in France, like with some other national cuisines, is strikingly regional in character. Each local cooking style has its own set of rules, philosophies, and basic ingredients - often in marked contrast to those of other regions.

For instance, what do the delicate butter-and-cream cooking of Normandy, the not-so-delicate Mediterranean-style garlic-and-oil cooking of Provence, and the hearty Bavarian-like sauerkraut-based dishes of Alsace have in common with one another, save the French name? Not much.

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