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Bordeaux's cuisine has become well known to the world mainly due to the illustrious Bordeaux wines. Bordeaux's food is normally prepared in a straightforward manner, without any attempt to reach gastronomic heights. However, Bordeaux does have some interesting specialties.

Top 4
leading specialties
of Bordeaux

Sauce Bordelaise

Of all the local specialties, the most renowned is Sauce Bordelaise, made with red wine, marrow-based brown stock, shallots, and seasonings. It marries well with entrecote, a grilled beefsteak cut that is much appreciated by the local cooks who love roasting or grilling meats, sometimes over the fragrant trimmings of the pruned vines.


It is also a treat in Bordeaux, especially when the animal was reared along the seashore and riverbanks. Like a number of other dishes in Bordeaux, it is often prepared with a light touch of garlic.


The ultimate in seafood preparations is Lamproie a la Bordelaise, eel cooked in red wine. In addition to eels, the sizable Gironde estuary yields caviar of genuine sturgeon pedigree.


They, too, are standouts in the Bordeaux region, but when ordering, you should request the superior-tasting indigenous gravette as opposed to the more common, transplanted Portuguese variety.

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