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When to visit
and not visit

Best months

April and October are the two most ideal months in Lijiang. The temperatures are pleasant and it doesn't rain as often.

Least desirable months

It rains a lot in July and August. That's important to know because heavy rains can trigger rock and mud slides, which can block roads. This can cause long travel delays or even cancelled plans (such as your trip to Tiger Leaping Gorge). January and February are not superlative months either because of wintry temperatures.

Busy holiday periods

Unless you have firm hotel reservations, skip these ultra-popular Chinese holiday periods (or you may end up without a room):

Spring Festival

This is the Lunar New Year celebration. Its start date varies from year to year, anywhere from mid-January to mid-February.

May Day

Occurs during the first two weeks in May.

National Day

Takes place in the first two weeks in October.

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