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Lost Horizon the movie

Hollywood transformed the book into an immensely popular motion picture in 1937 (see poster below). Like most films based on books, this one took liberties with the author's characterizations and story line.

What the critics thought

There was a remake of the Lost Horizon movie 36 years later, in 1973. Whereas the critics praised the original (1937) film, they panned the 1973 version.

How the name evolved

Some linguists believe James Hilton adapted the term "Shangri-La" from a Tibetan word with a similar pronunciation.

What the name signifies

The Lost Horizon book and film created in the minds of millions around the globe an image of a tranquil place where people live in peace, harmony and goodwill - and enjoy long life spans.

Tourism lure

Shangri La, of course, never existed. But that didn't stop some areas in Central Asia to market themselves as "the" Shangri-La. They knew that the the fame and image of the name would draw tourist.

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