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Best time of day
to visit the
Songzanlin Monastery

Go early in the morning or in the late afternoon to experience its tranquil character. It can be teeming with tour groups between those periods, especially in the late morning.

Songzanlin Monastery


Indoor shots

Photographing inside the various temples is not allowed. External shots are okay (see photo).


There is a hill in front of the lamasery complex that offers a superb panoramic view (admission fee charged).

Best seasons to
visit Shangri-La


Mid-April to mid-June

Rainfall is light and the colorful countryside wildflowers are blooming.

Mid-September to November

Blue skies and crisp, refreshing air.

Least desirable season

From January to mid-March, temperatures plummet and snowfall can be heavy.

vs Lijiang climate

When it's warm in Lijiang in the summer, it can sometimes be rather cold in Zhongdian. Play it safe. Pack layers.

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