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New town

The large new section of town mainly consists of nondescript contemporary buildings. It is of limited sightseeing interest to visitors.

Getting lost in old town

It's easy to get lost in Lijiang Ancient Town because of its labyrinth of meandering passageways. But that's part of the enjoyment because you will discover picturesque alleys that you would not have seen otherwise.

Photo taking

For classic shots of the lanes of Lijiang Ancient Town, arrive before 8 a.m. Later, hoards of tourists jam the narrow passages, obstructing your camera's view. To capture Lijiang's picturesque sea of rooftops, go to the top of Chieftain Mu's Palace.

Water system

Lijiang still uses a sophisticated water supply system that was built centuries ago.

Singing competition

Walk through the Ancient Town's bar area between 7:30 to 11 p.m for a fun, lively experience. Bar patrons sing loudly, then challenge those in the bar immediately across the narrow canal to try to outsing them in energy and volume. This spirited challenge can ping pong back and forth seemingly forever.

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