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New England specialties (continued)


The authentic clambake occurs on a secluded sandy beach during a casual family or sociable outing. Lobsters, corn, and clams are sequentially layered in a stone-heated pit. Seaweed is strategically intra-dispersed. Then, the entirety is covered with sand. Unhurriedly, the components are smoke-steamed-baked.

Harvard Beets

Sliced beets arelightly sweet-sour pickled.

Indian Pudding

A fusion of cornmeal, molasses, and milk are baked for hours. Indian Pudding is served warm, topped with whipped cream (or vanilla ice cream).


Medley of corn kernels and lima beans. Introduced to the pilgrims by the Native Americans.

Lobster Roll

A sandwich made by inserting fresh-cooked, mayonnaise-sauced lobster chunks into a hot dog roll.

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