Floating Markets

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Why the
floating markets of Bangkok
are special

They provide a colorful photo opportunity for camera enthusiasts - and a sightseeing and shopping experience for visitors who don't mind tourist traps.

Floating Market in Bangkok
tips and insights

Damnoen Saduak
is the biggest and most popular

However, a word of warning:

It's no longer its authentic traditional self. In former years, the norm was fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish along with local specialties prepared on small floating kitchens. And most of the buyers were locals. Today, shoddy and overpriced souvenirs and clothing are the prime commodities - and nearly everyone except the vendors, hawkers, and guides are tourists.

It gets so crowded at peak times that boat gridlock occurs. You sit in your boat, going nowhere.


Still, if you've never seen this venue, it could be worth your while if for no other reason thanĀ conversation-piece value. Just be sure to go on weekends to avoid Bangkok's infamous workday traffic jams, which will stretch your drive to two hours each way.

More pointers


Taling Chan Floating Market is closer and less touristy, but the setting is less photogenic.

Arrive early. Floating markets lose their energy as the morningĀ passes.

It's not uncommon for unsuspecting floating market tourists to be fleeced by taxis, boats, and guides by overcharging and by taking you to big-kick-backing shops.


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Market photo by Avkxyx - CC BY SA 3.0


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