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Sukhothai Historical Park
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This archaeological park contains restored ruins of the 1238 to 1448 capital of the vast and powerful Sukhothai Kingdom.

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Central Zone

Sukhothai Historical Park is divided into five zones. Nearly all the significant ruins reside in the Central Zone. They include temples, monasteries, and a palace.

The Central Zone's top 3 must-see temples are:


Wat Mahathat

A complex encircled by a lotus pond. It features a sizeable outdoor seated Buddha statue.

Wat Si Sawai

Known for its three prangs (pagodas).

Wat Sa Si

Picturesquely sits on a small island.


The deserving Ramakhamhaeng National Museum is in this sector, too.

The other zones

They are named North, South, East, and West for their locations relative to the Central Zone. The North is the best and features the Wat Si Chum temple with a colossal seated Buddha.

Large area

The Sukhothai Historical Park site covers 70 square kilometers (27 square miles). A rented bicycle is a popular transportation option. There's also a guided-tour tram.


Some visitors think the ruins are slightly anachronistic because they have been too restored and too influenced by the modern mindset.

When to come

Mid-days can be unbearably hot throughout the year, so come early or late in the day when it's relatively cooler. Even better, do this in the early winter.

Location in Thailand

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Sukhothai Historical Park

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