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This imposing 18th Khmer-style Buddhist pagoda in Bangkok is one of Thailand's most treasured icons. It stands as high as a modern 20-story building.

Temple of Dawn
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The riverside Temple of Dawn is cornered by four satellite prangs (pagodas).

Best viewing time

It's at sunset with the reddish-orange sky serving as the backdrop. Whatever the time, the Temple of Dawn complex is more stunning from afar than up close. Photograph it on a boat or on the opposite riverbank.

Building materials

The inner structure is brick, which is overlaid with plaster. The latter is imbedded with thousands of fragments of broken porcelain, glass, and other multi-hued objects arranged in floral, animal, among other artistic patterns.

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Wat Arum is the Thai name. Arum is the Indian god of dawn.

The Temple of Dawn predates Bangkok.

You can climb its steep steps up to the first terrace for a view of ancient monuments and Bangkok's contemporary skyscrapers. The even steeper and more perilous steps up to the next level are now off limits for safety's sake.

The famous sculpted Emerald Buddha gem was shortly housed in the Temple of Dawn before being transferred in 1785 to the just-built Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

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