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This tropical island is world renowned for its nightlife, beaches, seafood dining, and easy access to Phang Nga Bay.

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How to pronounce

Phuket = pooh-GHET


Bangla Road in the seaside town of Patong is by far the most popular spot (though it may have too much of a party atmosphere for some visitors). Bangla is tightly packed into a small area with scores of bars, clubs, and eating establishments.


Phuket has many for swimming, snorkeling, diving. Patong is best for the social scene. Note: Wherever you swim, be aware that dangerous rip tides occur in the May to October period.

Seafood dining

Food cart to gourmet restaurant cooks pride themselves in using fresh local fish and shellfish, a Phuket trademark. Don't miss enjoying the celebrated grilled rock lobster specialty. Expensive but memorable.

Phang Nga Bay

Many travelers use Phuket as their day trip base to the bay's stunning islands and seascapes. Click Phang Nga Bay for my web page on it

When to come

The best time is during the dry season, from December to March. Expect lots of rain from May to October. Whenever you visit, it's going to be tropical hot.

Where to stay

Skip the somewhat lackluster Phuket town. Instead, stay in one of seaside resort towns like Patong. Accommodations run from affordable to luxury.

Location in Thailand

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Floating Markets
Golden Buddha Statue
Grand Palace
Temple of Dawn
Temple Emerald Buddha
Temple Reclining Buddha

Beyond Bangkok
Ayutthaya Temples
Chiang Mai
Phanom Rung Hist Park
Prasat Hin Phimai
Phang Nga Bay
Phi Phi Islands
Sukhothai Historical Park

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Tourism Authority of Thailand


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