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Why the Geysir
Geothermal Field is special

This small area has various geothermal features including a number of geysers.

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Most of the geysers in the area are small and feeble. But two geysers – the famous Great Geysir and the more dependable Strokker Geysir – are robust. They are the ones that attract tourists.

Great Geysir

It once erupted frequently and its expelled steam-water soared approximately 70 meters (230 feet). The last majestic eruption was in 2000. Today, the Great Geysir is fairly inactive and weak, though you might be fortunate to witness a majestic eruption. (Note: This attraction also goes simply by the name "Geysir".)

Strokker Geysir

Although its discharge rises "only" 25 to 35 meters (80 to 110 feet), Strokker Geysir often performs on a 5 to 15 minute frequency cycle, to the joy of visitors. It sits about 50 meters (150 feet) south of the Great Geysir.

Geysir Geothermal Field
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Several centuries or so ago, Icelanders aptly bestowed the name “Geysir” (“gush" in ancient Norse) on what is known today as the "Great Geysir" or simply "Geysir".

Nowadays, nearly all the world's sprouting thermal features incorporate Geyser in their names. (The spelling "geyser" is the English translation.)


Geologists have proven that increased geothermal activity follows earthquakes.

Some people (including scientists) have tossed soap into the Great Geysir's mouth to artificially cause eruptions. Not a good idea. Although the method works, it can seriously damage a geyser, sometimes permanently.

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