Gullfoss Waterfall

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Why Gullfoss waterfall
is special

Gullfoss is stunning. Photos and even videos fail to capture its power, grandeur, and unspoiled natural setting.

Gullfoss waterfall
tips and insights

Multiple falls

"Waterfalls" is a more apt descriptive for this wonder because it consists of assorted falls. The two tallest and most awe-inspiring measure 11 and 21 meters (36 and 69 feet). They drop mightily into a deep crevice.

When to come

Summer is best because nearly twice as much water flows over the tiered falls. This makes the experience more dramatic.

In the winter, the falls can partially freeze over - and the tourist paths can become a bit icy and snow covered. However, you'll feel closer to nature because there will be fewer tourists.


On sunny days, multiple rainbows can simultaneously appear in the rising mist.

Many view points

They give you and your camera different perspectives, all outstanding. You reach the vantages on paths and trails.

Gullfoss translates "Golden Falls"

It's so named because the plunging water has a brownish tint, which sometimes appears golden. Reason: The water is glacial in origin and, therefore, bears soil particles picked up when the glacier grinded its way downhill.

How to pronounce

Gullfoss = GHULT-fahss

Golden Circle

Gullfoss waterfall is the top star of Iceland's famous Golden Circle route. See my Top 5 Iceland day tours web page.

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Photo by Meiburgin - CC BY 2.0



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