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Hakari - "Rotten shark"

This famous Iceland food is an acquired taste and smell. To most visitors, it has an off-putting flavor and a repugnant ammonia scent. To many locals and some visitors, Hakari is a treat.

"Rotten shark", as it is sometimes unfondly called, is made by burying a freshly caught shark in the ground for one to six months. During this fermentation process, poisons in the shark flesh are denatured and the meat becomes edible and safe to eat.

Typically, the aged meat is cut into small cubes for serving.

Other popular local
food specialties on
most visitors' "no eat" list

They include sheep testicles and sheep heads.


Iceland's water is glacial and is one of the purest and safest in the world. You don't need to buy bottled water because the tap water is commendable.

Hidden People

Some Icelanders believe these tiny, seldom seen elves exist.

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