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City Center is
the best hotel location

Most of Reykjavik's famous and popular shops, bars, restaurants, and cultural institutions reside in the City Center zone.

Room location

Reykjavik's City Center is renowned for its late night bar and club party scene. Noisy pub crawlers famously roam the streets until about 5 am. This is especially true on Friday and Saturday nights. It's fun if you're on the street, but not if you are a light sleeper. Be sure you request a high room and one not facing a party-noise street.

Reykjavik's most interesting hotel

It's the 101 Hotel, a modish luxury boutique hotel with a convenient Central City location. Clck 101 Hotel to view my descriptiave web page on the 101 Hotel.

Other notable hotels

Quality: Centrum and Thingholt (along with the 101 Hotel) are best in this class. Business traveler: Grand and Hilton Nordica. Other lodging categories: Reykjavik has a decent variety of mid-priced and budget hotels, as well as hostels, guest houses, and apartment rentals.

Pre-book lodging in Reykjavik well in advance for the late spring to early fall period. Ditto for any non-winter month if you are booking a Friday or Saturday night.

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