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Viewing the
Northern Lights (see photo)

To view the Aurora Borealis in its glory, go to the northern part of Iceland - and be there in the winter when nights are long and the sky is free of lingering sun rays

Experiencing the
Midnight Sun

Fly from Reykjavik to Iceland's Grimsey Island, which straddles the Arctic Circle. On the summer solstice (June 21), the sun doesn't set below the horizon.

Why Iceland and Greenland
could switch their names

Early ancient Nordic explorers gave Iceland its name because it was icier than their southern Scandinavian homeland. Some historians say Greenland was given its name to encourage immigration to Greenland.

For accuracy's sake, the two countries should swap names because "Greenland" is virtually covered with ice and snow year round - and most of Iceland is green in the summer.


The Icelandic Krona (ISK) is the country's official monetary unit.

2000 world economic crisis

Iceland was severely hurt by it. For example, a tourist gets about twice as many krona per euro or dollar today than he did before the crisis.


They score high in friendliness, education, and culture They are justifiably proud of their new Harpa concert hall, which is internationally acclaimed for its striking architectural design.


The vast majority of citizens speak English and Danish in addition to Icelandic. Learning those two foreign languages is mandatory in school.


90% of the homes are heated by geothermal-generated water.

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