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Learn the best times and
least desirable times to
visit 25 of the world's most
popular travel destinations

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to see the best and least desirable times for each of these travel destinations:

Amsterdam  Netherlands

Athens  Greece

Bangkok  Thailand

Barcelona  Spain

Beijing  China

Cape Town  South Africa

Dubai  UAE

Dublin  Ireland

Hong Kong  China

Istanbul  Turkey

Las Vegas  America

London  England

Madrid  Spain

Manila  Philippines

Mexico City  Mexico

Munich  Germany

New York  America

Paris  France

Rio de Janeiro  Brazil

Rome  Italy

San Francisco  America

Sydney  Australia

Tokyo  Japan

Venice  Italy

Vienna  Austria


I created for you a best-time chart and when-to-go insights web page for each of the above travel destinations.

I will be expanding my best time to visit list to include other popular travel destinations.

It pays to know
when and when not to
visit a travel destination

Not knowing could decrease your vacation enjoyment.

Bear in mind

There is no way to know for certain what weather you will experience in the future. Mother Nature has her whims. Seasonal weather conditions change from year to year.

Therefore, don't automatically accept advice such as, "Go in November because it was warm and sunny when I was there last year."

To serve you best, my guidance is based on long-term averages, not on a single year.

I cannot guarantee you exactly what the weather will be like on your next trip. But my well-researched advice will let you play the odds in your favor. I hope you win.

And remember

It better to visit a worthy travel destination during an undesirable time than to never experience it at all.

Photo above by Prayitno - CC BY 2.0


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